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    R.C. Pro-Am II

    Play R.C. Pro-Am II online! R.C. Pro-Am II is a racing video game in which four vehicles compete on a series of 24 different tracks: eight standard racetracks, eight “cityscape” tracks, and eight offroad tracks. The difficulty level increases between each type of course.

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    This second Pro-Am racing game for NES introduces some innovations compared to its predecessor. Once again, you have to bring your red radio-controlled car to victory, score points, hit turbo speed lines, and leave no chance to your blue, green, and yellow adversaries.

    Players must navigate around course obstacles to finish the race. In the single-player mode, the players races against three artificial intelligence opponents. The game also has a multiplayer mode in which up to four human players can race against each other.

    The objective of each race is to finish in the top three places to receive race points and money, which is used to upgrade vehicles and buy weapons. The top three finishers are qualified to participate in the next race while other players must use a continue. The game ends when the players run out of continues.

    But you can also upgrade your engine and tires – if you can afford it, which means you’ll have to think seriously about gathering those dollar signs scattered on the track. The tracks themselves have more variety, some have unusual enemies (little planes bombing you from above), and more kinds of obstacles.

    You also have several lives and don’t die immediately if you arrived last.

    Play R.C. Pro-Am II online

    You can play R.C. Pro-Am II online here, in a web browser for free!

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