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    Astonishia Story

    Astonishia Story is a 1994 Sonnori developed RPG with easy to understand interface, and controls designed for people who are new to the RPG genre.

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    Astonishia Story is a Korean-made role-playing game. The game’s structure and basic system are of the traditional Japanese kind and involve party management, overworld exploration, linear progression, and automatic character growth. Play Astonishia Story online!

    Enemies are visibly roaming hostile areas and can be avoided. A contact with an enemy initiates a turn-based battle that contains tactical elements: the player can navigate characters on the screen and attack only if the enemy is within their weapons’ range.

    A hundred years ago Brimhil, the beautiful queen of elves, gave up her youth in order to revive the Life Tree which sustained her race. Years have passed, and humans began to oppress elves. A half-elf named Francis De La Cross tries to save Brimhil from dying, and won’t stop at anything to achieve that goal.

    The young vice-commander of the Palmira 5th infantry, Lloyd von Roiental, escorts the transport of a powerful staff known as the Wand of Kinan. Francis organizes an ambush, and as a result, Lloyd’s companions are killed and the staff taken away from him. Lloyd must find a way to recover the staff and prevent further bloodshed.

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