Panza Kick Boxing DOS front cover
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    Panza Kick Boxing

    Play Panza Kick Boxing online! Panza Kick Boxing is a very nice PC conversion of the classic Amiga kick boxing game by French company Futura.

    Play it online!
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    Endorsed by André Panza, this video game adaptation of Thai kick boxing features over 35 moves. Use the training gym to build up your character’s abilities until you feel ready to take on an opponent. Play Panza Kick Boxing online!

    You also have the ability to customize your attacks. When you are ready, go to the ring to take on various opponents as you try to become the best kick boxer in the game.

    Probably one of the best fighting games ever made (and one of the few Thai boxing games in existence). Features good smooth animations, easy but still complex enough controls which make up for great gameplay.

    The character development option with a training gym, where you can improve your boxer’s abilities is also very nice – as is the option to customize your attacks. The PC conversion even features all the samples from the Amiga game including the cool title tune by Michel Winogradoff.

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