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    Ninja Taro

    Ninja Taro is an action RPG set in feudal Japan with gameplay similar to “The Legend of Zelda“. Play Ninja Taro online!

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    In Japan, Ninja Taro is known as “Sengoku Ninja-kun”, and is one of several titles in the Japanese “Ninja Jajamaru-kun” series.

    As the eponymous Ninja Taro (or “Ninja-kun” in the Japanese release), you are tasked by your teacher, Kashin-Koji, to seek out Lord Nobu (“Nobunaga Oda”), who has requested the service of the land’s greatest ninja. The path there is dangerous, but upon reaching Lord Nobu at Geko Castle, it is revealed that the evil Lord Shin Takeda (“Takeda Shingen”) is rumored to have died. You are tasked with investigating the rumors to see if they are true or not.

    Ninja Taro game description

    Lord Shin’s castle is located in Kai Province, not too far from Geko Castle, but the direct path there is blocked by a “mighty beast”, a creature who is said to be able to withstand all weapons. Upon returning to your teacher for advice, you are tasked with seeking out your teacher’s old friend, Kondo, in Iga Province. However, Kondo is nowhere to be found, but instead Kondo’s daughter, who you must convince to help you before you’re able to continue on your quest…

    Although you begin the game with your Ninja Sword and Throwing Stars, many other items can be found to assist you on your quest. Additional weapons, the Masamune and the Throwing Knives, are not as strong as your primary weapons, but are more agile; medicinal Herbs and Potions may be found that can heal you; and unique tools such as Camouflage and Fire will also be at your disposal, among many others.

    Ninja Taro pulls stylistically from many sources, including Japanese history as well as classical mythology. Besides referencing real historical places and people, such as the real 16th century daimyo, Oda Nobunaga, Ninja Taro references many creatures from Japanese folklore, such as ghosts, tengu, and ogres. Additionally, some elements of the game’s design are decidedly more modern, with some monstrous adversaries and locales seemingly out of popular Japanese animation.

    Play Ninja Taro online!

    In Ninja Taro, the player character’s walking speed is very slow compared to similar games, but most enemies and adversaries are programmed with this in mind.

    Ninja Taro appears to share its game engine with other action RPGs put out by American Sammy, namely: Rolan’s Curse and Rolan’s Curse 2.

    You can play Ninja Taro online, in a web browser for free!

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