Rolan’s Curse II Game Boy front cover
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    Rolan’s Curse II

    In Rolan’s Curse 2, a single player takes control of a brave knight destined to once again destroy King Barius’ forces and restore peace to Rolan. Play Rolan’s Curse II online!

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    There was much rejoicing in the land of Rolan! King Barius, who had placed a curse on the poor land, had been conquered by the valor and courage of two brave knights. But little did they know, that King Barius was not dead, but rather dwelling in darkness and waiting for the perfect moment to take his revenge. Now monsters of old have arisen to terrorize the people of Rolan and devastate the land. It’s time to prepare for battle… again!

    This time, however, the player can take along a number of items for a quick boost when they’re in big trouble. The player can also level up, perform magic, and fly to certain points on the map. The player can also take along up to three allies and switch between them as the situation warrants.

    Two save files are available, which allows players to save their progress and pick up where they left off.

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