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    Operation Wolf

    Shoot bad guys and rescue the hostages in this 1987 first-person Arcade light-gun shooter from Taito.

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    Operation Wolf is one of the most recognizable faces in the “on-rails shooter” genre, and one of the earliest to be released. The player is a Special Forces Operative sent on a mission to rescue valuable POWs from concentration camps, moving from each area to the next. Play Operation Wolf online!

    Operation Wolf game description

    You have been recruited for Operation Wolf, a desperate attempt to rescue prisoners from the enemy. Through a series of missions, you’ll engage a variety of enemies, from soldiers to ninjas, patrol boats to helicopters, and more. Can you carry the day?

    Operation Wolf is an arcade game by Taito. It is essentially a bitmapped “rail-shooter”, where you basically hold the gun and shoot just about everything that moves, while conserving your ammo and grenades. Shoot ammo/grenades and healing items on the screen to “pick them up”. Your primary machine gun can kill everything if you hit it enough times, but you can also use the grenade launcher for really deadly targets like helicopters or armored cars. You can collect a machine gun which will allow you to shoot faster for a few seconds.

    You’ll be pummelled by a LOT of enemies. Some will be shooting, others will be tossing grenades, knifes, and more. Some are armored and requires more than a few hits, others dodges. You can shoot grenades and knifes out of the air if you aim well enough. There are also civilians running around which can be shot, but it’s not beneficial.

    Bosses appear at the end of some levels, and each has a specific weakness you need to exploit.

    Play Operation Wolf online

    You can play Operation Wolf online here, in web browser for free!

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