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    Tennis Elbow

    Despite having a curious name that describes an ailment associated with the sport, Tennis Elbow is quite an enjoyable arcade-style tennis game.

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    The first release in this tennis series allows players to compete in a World Tour of 90 events against 250 players. Single matches can be dirty up and dirty down (two against one) as well as the more conventional singles and doubles. Grass, clay, flexi and cement courts are featured. Action replays can be viewed in slow motion, fast speed, and rewound. Play Tennis Elbow online!

    Players can be defined as volleyers, defenders, punchers or varied, with definable kit colours and playing abilities. As you play the game, your player’s ability improves, resulting in faster and more accurate serves as well as faster running and bigger jumps.

    The action is viewed from a 3rd-person angle, and side changes are optional. Two buttons are used in combination with directional presses to make slices, 3 different types of lob, and subtle drop shots.

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