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    Tecmo World Wrestling

    The first home console professional wrestling game to feature a play by play announcer, Tecmo World Wrestling both borrowed from and improved on concepts from the Nintendo classic Pro Wrestling.

    Tecmo World Wrestling is a 1989 (Japan) / 1990 (US) NES wrestling game developed and published by Tecmo. Play Tecmo World Wrestling online!

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    In Tecmo World Wrestling, you select from 10 fictional wrestlers and compete against the others for the coveted Tecmo World Wrestling Title. When your match begins you’ll find you’ve got all the moves of the pros.

    Play Tecmo World Wrestling online!

    You can run, climb to the top ropes, climb outside the ring, pick up your opponent, throw them over the ropes, pin them, and escape from a pin yourself.

    The wrestlers, such as “The British Star” Rex Beat and “The Technician” Dr. Guildo have a full assortment of professional wrestling moves and holds such as the Pile Driver, Shoulder Throw, Cobra Twist, as well as the ever-popular Slam the Guys Face Into the Metal Post maneuver.

    Before selected matches you’ll be able to beef up you’re wrestler’s strength with three different exercises. The bottom portion of the screen is where the energetic announcer describes what is going on in the ring, move by move.

    The single player mode took the player’s selected character through the remainder of the roster, until they were victorious in the title match and moved on to face the final boss of the game, the “Earl of Doom” Blue King.

    In another similarity to Pro Wrestling, Blue King was an unplayable character who could do every character’s moves (akin to Pro Wrestling’s Great Puma). Between matches, the player could engage in button mashing training exercises (either squats, sit-ups, or push-ups) to boost their strength.

    The two player mode was a basic one-on-one battle between players selecting any wrestler from the roster.

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