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    Tank Wars

    The game allows for up to ten players in any combination of human and computer players. The number of games played in a set is chosen before the game (default is 20 games). New terrain is randomly drawn at the start of each individual game, and the tanks fall one by one into their start positions in random order, evenly spaced horizontally on the screen. The tanks then take turns firing at opponent tanks, order going left to right, until only one tank remains.

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    Tank Wars is an artillery strategy game developed in 1990 by Kenneth Morse. Play Tank Wars online!

    Tank Wars game description

    Tank Wars is a shareware game for two to ten players based on the same ideas as Artillery and it’s more well known cousin Scorched Earth. Any of the players can be computer controlled and there are seven different styles of computer opponent. The game can be played by keyboard, mouse, and the length of a match can be set between one and ninety-nine games.

    The players command tanks that are placed on the randomly generated landscape. Across the top of the screen are the controls that select the angle of the shot, the power of the shot, the kind of weapon being hurled as well as information showing who is firing, wind direction and wind speed. At the end of each round players who successfully destroyed competitors can use the points they scored to buy additional weapons, there are eighteen different weapons in the game together with two guidance systems and three defence systems.

    The game has many configuration options which change the way the ground crumbles, what happens if a shot goes off the screen, whether shots and/or their trails are visible and much more together with a team play option. The game has sound and it is optional.

    Play Tank Wars online

    You can play Tank Wars online here, in web browser for free!

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