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    Omnicron Conspiracy

    As a Star Police Captain, your job is to maintain peace in the Universe. Bust up an intergalactic drug ring in an odyssey involving pyramids, giant artichokes, a big conspiracy, and the Universe. Play Omnicron Conspiracy online!

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    One of Epyx’ last releases before they went out of business, this is a cutting-edge game for its time in many ways: good graphics, plot (in which you are an intergalactic police investigating an agent’s disappearance), icon-based inventory, and good interface.

    Omnicron Conspiracy game description

    Omnicron Conspiracy (1989, First Star Software) is a fun if slow-moving adventure game that may look a lot like an early Sierra title but when you actually play it there’s a lot there that separates it. For starters, you have direct control over our hero, the intrepid Star Police Captain Ace Powers, directly with the keyboard and not the mouse. The number pad will move him in 8 directions while the Enter key will bring up a context-sensitive menu of any actions you can perform.

    You are limited to 6 items in your inventory which have been assigned to the F-numbers 1 through 6. One of those items is your ALSWELL, otherwise known as a space gun which you can use on almost anyone with consequences ranging from nothing to death.

    Ace has been tasked with uncovering a sleazy drug cartel and will travel the universe to stop it. The main planet you’ll explore is Cron, a rather large city for a game of this age, populated with a menagerie of alien beings. There’s even a Superman flying around doing whatever errands a Superman does.

    Most can be talked to and some may even be interesting to do so. There are drunks, drug dealers and druids of a nefarious cult wandering around and finding their secrets can actually be quite fun.

    There’s no real structure, though. You’ll spend most of your time wandering around triggering an event or clue. There is a bit of handholding in the beginning as you follow the ship’s droid then later a police officer but once their back doing their normal business you’re on your own. At least the manual contains a mini-guide.

    Play Omnicron Conspiracy online!

    Omnicron Conspiracy is a very adult game, filled with depictions of a society’s underbelly usually reserved for Grand Theft Auto. It does it all with a wry sense of humour too that doesn’t go too far into parody. Despite its age, Omnicron Conspiracy is a hidden gem of an adventure from an era ruled by Sierra and LucasArts.

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