Slater & Charlie Go Camping DOS front cover
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    Slater & Charlie Go Camping

    A colorful and fun interactive storybook similar to Brøderbund’s later Living Books series, Slater & Charlie Go Camping recounts the story of two amicable dinosaurs as they prepare to go camping.

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    Slater the Petrosaur, protagonist of Sierra’s Oil’s Well remake, has got himself a buddy in the form of Charlie, another dinosaur of indeterminate species. Together, they visit various locations and undertake various tasks toward the end of enjoying a camping trip in the great outdoors together. Play Slater & Charlie Go Camping online!

    The game is presented as a series of static images, described in text at the bottom of the screen — then optionally narrated for children whose reading skills aren’t yet up to keeping up with the plot. After each description has been read, the illustrations can be interacted with like a pop-up book, numerous hidden hot spots on every page yielding zany + whimsical animations.

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