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Mega Man IV

Mega Man IV is an action-platform video game by Capcom for the Nintendo Game Boy. It is the fourth installment in the handheld version of the Mega Man series. Play Mega Man IV online!

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In the year 20XX…

Dr. Wily has broken into the local Robot Museum and has stolen the bodies of his previously destroyed Robot Masters, and now has brought them back for revenge against Mega Man! What’s worse, Wily plans on using a massive laser cannon from outer space to blast Earth to dust!

Play Mega Man IV online!

The plot of the game once again involves the protagonist Mega Man trying to thwart the world domination plans of the infamous Dr. Wily. On a seemingly peaceful day in a large city, Wily appears in the sky in his flying saucer and sends out a radio transmission that causes all the robots at the annual Robot Master Exposition to go on a rampage.

He then sends eight new rebuilt robots of his own to different parts of the city to lead the destruction.

Having resisted this reprogramming signal, Mega Man responds by defeating all four of these previous foes in battle and chases Wily to a large tank. Inside the tank, the hero encounters Ballade, yet another robot specially designed to kill him. Mega Man defeats this new enemy, pursues the remaining enemies in the city, and returns to the tank. There, he has a victorious rematch with Ballade, only to see Wily quickly retreat to his space station. Dr. Light fits Mega Man’s companion Rush with a space flight ability, allowing the hero to lead a one-man assault on Wily’s new stronghold.

Mega Man beats Wily, but is unable to blast his way out of the exploding space station. At the last moment, Ballade arrives and self-destructs in repentance, creating a hole through which Mega Man can safely escape.

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