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    Unrelated to the Lionhead RPG franchise of the same name, 1996’s Fable is a graphic adventure where the hero, Quickthorpe, must travel through four different worlds in search of the four mystic gemstones that will save his people.

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    Fable is a classical puzzle-solving graphic adventure with hand-drawn backgrounds. The hero Quickthorpe is a young man who must leave his home village and travel through four fantasy worlds, each dedicated to a particular element. Play Fable online!

    The goal of the journey is to find four mystic gemstones in order to learn about the secrets of an extinct race known as Mecubarz, and help his people with this knowledge. Interaction with the environment is done by clicking on an object and selecting available actions. Puzzles are for the most part inventory-based. Wrong choices may lead to the hero’s death and a premature end of the game.

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