Příhody z Galské země DOS front cover
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    Příhody z Galské země

    Poland point ‘n click adventure game. This is CZ version.

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    Příhody z Galské země (Kajko i Kokosz) is a classic point & click adventure game, based on a popular Polish comic book series featuring the same characters. You can switch between the two characters at will, and some actions have to be done with a specific character. Play Příhody z Galské země online!

    Please hit CTRL + F10 to Capture/Release the mouse (if you need to use the mouse within DOSBox).

    The controls are pretty simple – to interact with the environment, you just have to click. You have a limited space in your inventory, but you can take an object from your inventory and drop it anywhere at any time. The game graphics feature original artwork created by the creator of the series, Janusz Christa, thus retaining the “look & feel” of the comic books.

    A pair of inseparable friends – smart, short, yet brave Kajko and his buddy, big, bald, fat, strong & gluttonous Kokosz – must face again the notorious Zbójcerze (Rogueknights) and their evil plot set to conquer the peaceful village of Mirmiłowo. The early medieval setting and fantasy themes resemble “Asterix & Obelix”.


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