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    Dexterity is a puzzle game with a 7×8 grid, each one filled with a tile or another item. The goal is to flip over all tiles within a time limit. Play Dexterity online!

    Play it online!
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    This has to be triggered manually by pressing a button, but if there is another flipped tile on the field, all other tiles between the player’s position and the other tile will flip, too. Some grids are filled with stationary blocks, moveable blocks (either pushing them normally or send them flying with a strong kick) and holes.

    There are also monsters which need to be avoided. All five of them have different behaviour patterns and have the ability to reverse already flipped tiles; some of them can even push blocks or destroy tiles.

    Play Dexterity online!

    The monsters can be killed by using blocks against them: pushing them over the borders of the playfield or a hole will kill them. Alternatively they also can be trapped. Killed monsters slowly respawn at pre-defined spawn points; this takes place over several phases. In the “egg” phase, it can be picked up to kill another enemy with it. Another possible weapon are stunned enemies which stood on a multi-flipped row.

    When pushing blocks into a corner, they will disappear and transform into power ups, e.g. bonus points, extra time or a temporary stun of all enemies. A life is lost when an enemy is touched or the time runs out. When that happens, all flipped tiles stay flipped.

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