Solomon’s Club Game Boy front cover
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    Solomon’s Club

    Solomon’s Club is a sequel to Solomon’s Key, which has similar gameplay combining platform gaming with puzzle elements. Play Solomon’s Club online!

    Play it online!
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    There are five levels, each with ten rooms. In each room you must retrieve the key and go to the exit.

    You can create or remove blocks to your left and right, or while crouching lower-left and lower right. You can use these blocks as platform to climb onto, or use them to block enemies or fire balls. You can also break blocks by jumping from below them, like doing a headbutt. There are several enemies, such as fire breathing dragons, shooting gargoyles and ghosts.

    Collect bells to release fairies from the exit as bonus points, and collect coins for money to spend in shops. Some rooms have a shop where you can buy items, such as fire balls or hammers.

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