Street Rod SE DOS front cover
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    Street Rod SE

    Street Rod is a racer video game was released in 1989 and takes place in the year 1963. This is special edition of the game with 25 new cars and several improvements.

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    This is Street Rod SE (Special Edition) and features a standard Street Rod version with 25 replacement cars. Play Street Rod SE online!

    Street Rod SE game description

    The player starts off on the garage, where cars and parts may be purchased from the newspaper. New parts that are purchased must be installed by the player by entering the hood of or going under the car and then removing a series of screws to remove parts of the engine and transmission. Then, these parts must be re-installed in order and the bolts replaced, otherwise the car will be undrivable. To install tires, the car must be jacked up. While racing, the car will eventually run out of fuel, which the player must obtain from the gas station.

    • Enjoy 25 new cars.
    • Choose from 8 brand new stickers.
    • Race against different opponents.

    Play Street Rod SE online

    You can play Street Rod SE online here, in web browser for free!

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