Kirby’s Dream Course SNES front cover
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    Kirby’s Dream Course

    Kirby’s Dream Course is a mini-golf simulator with a unique Kirby twist. It was released by HAL Laboratory for the SNES and later became available in the Wii Shop’s Virtual Console.

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    Kirby’s Dream Course is a mini-golf game featuring the pink blob Kirby. Play Kirby’s Dream Course online!

    After his adventures in Dream Land Kirby himself becomes the ball, and you must guide him around each hole using the sort of bar system that you see in most golf games. Where this game differs, however, is in the fact that you need to eliminate all on-screen enemies before you can guide Kirby into the hole and complete it. As per usual in golf games, the more strokes it takes you to complete the whole, the lower your score – so make sure you aim Kirby just right!

    You’ll find eight courses and a total of sixty-four holes in the game, not including the final showdown with King Dedede, as well as an action-packed two-player mode.

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