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    Robo Army

    Robo Army is a beat ’em up video game developed and published by SNK that was released for Neo Geo arcades and home consoles in 1991 and the Neo Geo CD in 1995.

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    A mad scientist decides to create an army of robots to destroy the city, capture all the citizens, and use their brains for more robots to take over the world. You control one of two robots who use its fists and special attacks to take on the army throughout a jungle stage and various buildings in the destroyed city.

    Robots and robot dogs sometimes leave arms or metal bars that can be used as weapons. At the end of each area, you need to defeat a boss in order to proceed to the next area.

    Robo Army gameplay (Neo Geo)

    There is no character selection in Robo Army : Player 1 controls Maxima and Player 2 controls Rocky. Both cyborgs must cross six levels before reaching the end boss. During these levels, they will face the Professor’s henchmen, as well as a sub-boss and a boss in each stage.

    The two heroes can of course fight with their fists and feet, but they can also defend themselves by collecting improvised weapons (car carcass, barrel, destroyed robot arm). They each have a power gauge allowing them to launch powerful attacks according to the power gained.

    Maxima and Rocky can also be transformed for a brief moment into an invulnerable armored vehicle.

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