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    Metal Slug 4

    Metal Slug 4 retains the same gameplay as previous titles, with the addition of some enemies, bosses, weapons, several vehicles and a bonus combo system. Play Metal Slug 4 online!

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    An organization called “Amadeus” wants to take over all the military computers in the world using a new virus they have created. It’s your mission to destroy them before they accomplish their evil ambition.

    Play Metal Slug 4 online!

    The 5th episode (including Metal Slug X) of the most famous arcade-shooting-series comes bringing the unaltered classic gameplay, a new arm (Dual Machine Gun), 6 new vehicles (Motorcycle, Truck, Bradley Tank, Metal Crow Tank, Four Legged Walkmachine and Forklift Truck) as well as 2 new soldiers for the pantheon (Nadia Cassel and Trevor Spacey).

    The most notable introduction to the series is the Metalish System, giving to the player a new possibility to score more points: after pick up certain shield-shape emblems, a timer bar will be displayed at the top of the screen.

    During this time, you must to shoot rapidly as many enemies as possible and, depending on your acting, you will receive a corresponding badge bonus that will be added to your score after completing it. But, if you die during the mission, the bonus will be lost.

    Metal Slug 4 gameplay

    A bonus scoring system was added that allows the player to be rewarded depending on how many enemies are killed in the time allotted. The time allotted is determined from the type of emblem that is picked up.

    A time meter will appear on the top of the screen, and if the player lives through the end of the level, they will be awarded bonus points for badges that represent feats accomplished. Eri and Tarma were replaced with Nadia and Trevor.

    Megal Slug 4 plot

    One year after the events of Metal Slug 3 and Metal Slug 6, the world is under the threat of a mysterious and deadly cyber virus that threatens to attack and destroy any nation’s military computer system.

    With Tarma Roving and Eri Kasamoto unable to help out due to their own assignments in the matter, Marco Rossi and Fiolina Germi are called in to investigate the situation and are joined by two newcomers, Nadia Cassel and Trevor Spacey. In their investigation, the group discovers that a rich terrorist organization known as the Amadeus Syndicate is behind the plot and has allied with General Morden’s Rebel Army.

    They head into battle against Amadeus’ forces, hoping to destroy the cyber virus before it gets the chance to wipe out the entire world’s military computer system.

    Halfway through the game’s story mode, the player is confronted by who they presume to be General Morden. In the final stage, they find an underground facility where android doubles of Morden are being manufactured. Allen O’ Neil fights the player and is also revealed to be a machine replica.

    The player confronts the leader of the syndicate, a man tentatively called “Doctor”, who attacks with a series of powerful robots, but he is defeated and is trapped in his own devices as the base self-destructs, killing him.

    If the player safely escapes the base’s bonus explosion stage, the credits will show the main cast eating a feast of food, but if the player gets caught in the explosion, the player character will appear in the hospital, bandaged and bed-ridden, being brought get-well gifts of food from both Tarma and Eri. After the credits, a single computer monitor is seen transmitting data to an unknown location before shutting down.

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