Sengoku 3 Neo Geo front cover
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    Sengoku 3

    The third game in the Sengoku series of beat ’em ups, Sengoku 3 once again pits you and a friend against the undead forces of Nobunaga, however this time you can freely select from a group of different characters each with their own weapons and abilities, as well as choose which location in the world (or level) to tackle whenever you want. Play Sengoku 3 online!

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    The game incorporates a more complex fighting system similar to a one-on-one fighting game, by giving players different attack buttons, special moves based on directional inputs, combos and even a super bar used to unleash devastating super moves.

    You cannot change weapons or transform into other characters as in the previous games, but you can acquire different ranged weapons for additional attacks as well as unlock certain bosses to increase your available characters.

    Sengoku 3 gameplay

    As with previous Sengoku titles, Sengoku 3 is a side-scrolling beat ’em up game where players take control of one of the four initial playable characters with two more characters being unlocked during gameplay across various stages filled with an assortment of undead evil spirits.

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