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    Imperial Hero II

    Create and level up your hero, defeat countless mighty enemies and take part in epic guild battles. Play Imperial Hero II online!

    Play it online!
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    Imperial Hero II is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG offering exploration and adventure, right in your browser.

    Game description

    The wondrous and amazing lands of Ayarr Empire await all eminent heroes who wish to achieve glory, immortality and become legends.

    Players begin their journey from a small village but, in time, they will set foot into more interesting territories, facing epic adventures and fighting numerous enemies. Will they be the heroes who bring light into the dark dungeons, filled with evil creatures?

    Or will they be master crafters, who create powerful items, selling them to other heroes, making huge fortune? Will they be Leaders of a Hero Guild, who will conquer all of the No Man’s Lands and control the mighty provincial castles?

    Or maybe they want to be the lone rogues, stalking the wealthy miners and rob them of their riches? Imperial Hero is the game, which gives the players the choice to be any of these. Or all of them. With the single purpose of becoming the Ultimate Hero.

    “In a land torn by never-ending conflict, the empire is besieged by an evil unknown. Thousands wither beneath the shroud of darkness. Three great houses strive to seize control. Amid despair, whispers of a hero echo throughout the realm, a champion to be born in times of great need. A protector to master the means of warfare. The way of the sword. The path of the knowledge. The line of the brave.”

    After choosing your avatar and setting off into the world, you will be able to explore varied provinces and face off against innumerable perils. An unconventional automatic combat system makes gameplay accessible for players of all skill level – from total beginners to die-hard browser fans. As you explore, your character will learn and grow as their epic story unfolds.

    What paths will your adventures lead you down? Will you be the one who rises in glory?

    Play Imperial Hero II online

    You can play Imperial Hero II online, in a web browser, for free!

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