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    Deadhaus Sonata

    Deadhaus Sonata is a narrative driven action RPG designed for today’s technology medium. Play Deadhaus Sonata online!

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    Deadhaus Sonata is an upcoming free-to-play cooperative action role-playing video game developed by Apocalypse Studios and directed by Denis Dyack.

    Play Deadhaus Sonata online!

    Deadhaus Sonata is an online action role-playing game, where the player controls a single character from a third-person perspective, alone or with up to five other people. The player will fight hordes of enemies, collecting large amounts of loot, and fulfilling quests to gain experience points and more equipment.

    To increase re-playability, the game’s levels are procedurally generated.

    Players can choose from seven available classes to play as; Vampires, Revenants, Liches, Ghouls, Wraiths, Wights, and Banshees.

    Each of these classes are aligned with one to three of the core attributes of the House of the Dead: Physical, Magickal, and Essential. Dyack has titled this ‘the Trinary Archetype System’, mentioning that many themes in Deadhaus Sonata will be influenced by the balance of these attributes in the world.

    Classes more aligned with Physical damage will be more effective at melee and non-magickal ranged damage. Magickal-aligned classes are more specialized in spellcasting, and essential-aligned classes are focused on the use of Artifacts, objects that have gained sentience from supernatural beings possessing them.

    Each class will have their own unique skill tree, allowing for specializing into different class archetypes. Apocalypse has also said that crafting equipment will play a large role in the game, but they have yet to be specific on how much.

    Deadhaus Sonata will be free-to-play with microtransactions, using the in-game currency, ‘bones’. Apocalypse Studios has stated the game will have entirely ethical monetization, avoiding all pay-to-win aspects, referencing games like Path of Exile and their strictly cosmetic microtransaction system.

    Play Deadhaus Sonata now!

    Participate in the First Age

    By being among the first of the founders group you can help us build out additional content, get a great discount on our in-game currency (Platinum) that’s used for premium cosmetics, get founders edition weapons and armor as well as help to contribute to the legacy of Deadhaus from the First Age.

    • Explore Malorum
    • Discover the Secrets of the Grand Pyramids
    • Create Royal Lineages for All Later Ages
    • Forge Epic Weapons
    • Etch Your Tales Into Stone

    From the Creator of Legacy of Kain and Eternal Darkness. It’s a narrative driven action RPG designed for today’s technology medium – a free-to-play single or co-op multiplayer adventure in the world of Malorum with direct integration into platforms like Twitch.

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