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    The Last Blade

    The Last Blade is a fighting game developed and released by SNK for the Neo Geo system in 1997. Play The Last Blade online!

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    The Last Blade game description

    The Last Blade series is seen as a spiritual successor to SNK’s popular Samurai Shodown series, due to it being a similar 2D weapons-based fighting game.

    It also took over several elements from cancelled Technōs/Face’s Dragon’s Heaven (which tentatively was named DarkSeed).

    The gameplay is characterised by two selectable fighting styles, and a unique combo system along with a “deflect” system which involves pressing the D button at an opponent’s attack. Upon deflecting, the opponent is left open to attack.

    The two styles are Speed mode and Power mode. Speed mode allows players to chain several normal attacks into a special or desperation/super move, as well as execute a Speed Combo. Power mode on the other hand, grants the player increased damage potential exponentially and gives access to Super Desperation Moves, which inflict an exorbitant amount of damage (performing them however, requires the player’s life bar to flash and have a full power bar).

    Power mode also allows the player to perform Super Cancels; canceling a special move into a desperation/super move (but not a desperation move, with the sole exception of Awakened Kaede in the first game).

    The Last Blade gameplay

    Choose one of several characters to play with, each with their own unique moves and special attacks.

    Each stage in the game has two battles, where the object of each is to drain your opponent’s energy in order to complete the battle, and you will complete the stage if you do this twice.

    If there is a draw, then a third battle is played. There is a time limit, and when this expires, the player with more energy left wins.

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