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    World Heroes Perfect

    World Heroes Perfect is a 1995 fighting arcade game developed and published by ADK with the assistance of SNK. Play World Heroes Perfect online!

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    World Heroes Perfect plot

    One year after both the conclusion of the World Heroes Battle Fest and the defeat of Zeus, invitations has been sent to the 16 fighters by Dr. Brown, informing them of a new World Heroes tournament that will help finally settle the question of who is the strongest fighter in history.

    With the 16 fighters preparing themselves in order to finally determine who is the strongest fighter in history, Zeus seeks to gain his revenge against those who had caused his downfall, but little does Zeus and the rest of the fighters know and realize that an old enemy from the past is also back and that he too has his own personal desire for revenge as well.

    World Heroes Perfect Gameplay

    In World Heroes Perfect, each character had a traditional four-button attack layout instead of the two-out-of-three pressure-sensing button attack layout as its predecessors, but also could achieve stronger attacks by pushing down two respective punch or kick buttons at the same time.

    Players are also able to perform weak or strong versions of special moves depending on whether they press one or both punch or kick buttons with the special move command.

    New additions include a few new playable characters, as well as new and modified moves and fighting statistics added to the playable characters returning from the first three World Heroes titles. Other new features are that every character has an ABC Special Move (or “special ability”) that can be activated by pressing the A, B, and C buttons at the same time.

    Moves vary by character, though they all require strategic use and are easy to activate, allowing for more tactical battles. For example, the character Fuuma’s ABC Special allows him to fake a special move; J. Max’s ABC Special allows him to catch, hold onto, and throw back projectiles; and Kim Dragon’s ABC Special allows him to perform counters while blocking.

    Characters also can use the strongest versions of their desperation moves whenever their life bars are under 50%.

    All modes from the previous titles were excluded in this version; however, the main mode is similar to the “Normal Game” modes of World Heroes and World Heroes 2, as well as the “Entry to the tournament” mode of World Heroes 2 Jet.

    At the start of World Heroes Perfect in the main mode, after selecting one of the sixteen playable characters (plus three unlockable ones using codes), the object is to first face several of the playable characters selected by random and fight them in random stages that take place in different historical periods.

    After defeating ten characters, the player will then face off against Zeus and Neo Dio. If the player defeats Neo Dio, they will be able to see their selected character’s ending.

    Play World Heroes Perfect online (Neo Geo)

    In this entry in the World Heroes saga, all sixteen fighters from previous games return for another tournament. New features include:

    • An attack mode where the player must use all four buttons to attack the opponent.
    • A power bar which grants special abilities unique to each character.
    • Additional stages set across different locations in Earth’s past and future.
    • Three secret characters to choose from, including a character new to the series.

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