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Deadly Rooms of Death

Play Deadly Rooms of Death online! King Dugan has a problem. He let his guards eat their meals down in the dungeon, and they spread crumbs all over the place, so suddenly his lovely dungeons are swarming with cockroaches, not to mention goblins, serpents, evil eyes, and other nasty things.

It’s really gotten out of hand. Beethro Budkin, dungeon exterminator extraordinaire and the main protagonist, is called to the castle and, after a short briefing by Dugan, thrown into the dungeon with the doors locked securely after him. With only a “Really Big Sword™ at his disposal, it’s up to our hero to clear the place, so that the prisoners can receive their torture in a clean and safe environment.

Play it online!
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Deadly Rooms of Death is a puzzler. The idea is simple: you control a man with a sword that can point in 8 directions. On any turn you can either move the man or rotate the sword. You have as long as you want to plan each action, but it had better be good… your enemies move when you do!

This puzzler has many kinds of enemies, and you will need to understand each one’s personality intimately to even dream of making it to the final battle with the ‘Neather.

Deadly Rooms of Death features countless brilliantly designed, extremely challenging puzzles. As a bonus, there’s the visceral pleasure of slashing through whole armies of evil creatures singlehandedly.

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